about us

Caolin is a Non-Profit Organization based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and established in 2014 by visual artist Ioan Sumedre Jr., architect Codruța Pop and economist Mihai Sumedre.

Our purpose is to inform and educate the public as far as international contemporary ceramics goes, through various means, such as: art fairs, exhibitions, workshops, happenings, conferences, social and mass media, auxiliary events etc.

The International Contemporary Ceramics Festival Caolin is the main event initiated and created by the Non-Profit Organization Caolin and its purpose is to promote ceramics as a contemporary art, through identifying, supporting, encouraging and popularizing the artistic endeavour.

CAOLIN aims to:
– Expand the art loving and especially the ceramics loving community by attracting as many people as possible from various social groups, both locally/nationally and internationally;
– Create a context and background that is a starting ground for opportunities to build on and that can lead to the growth of ceramic art and the appreciation of young artists, nationally as well as internationally;
– Re-establish Cluj as a milestone as far as international ceramics is concerned. This is the way it used to be for decades thanks to:
– The Artistic Ceramics School (The Ceramics Department, part of The University Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania is still considered one of the mos prestigious schools in Romania and one of the best European schools)
– Ceramics designers who created art in local factories and manufactures, inventing and developing artistic products through techniques that rendered them unique, famous and sought out worldwide;
– Discover young artists, guide and support them throughout pursuing an artistic career.

Since 2017, the International Contemporary Ceramics Festival Caolin has been taking place Under the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Maria of Romania.